Business valuation and growth strategy development for a functional beverages business

The client, a high growth start-up in the functional beverages space wanted to explore growth opportunities aligned to their vision of leading as a category creator.

Problem Statement

We were engaged to assess their business potential and curate a business plan and an investor pitch. The engagement involved:

  • Market evaluation and potential assessment
  • Business and Financial model development
  • Development of overall growth strategy, team requirements, and financial commitments
  • Development of a discounted cash flow based financial and estimation of total future requirement of the financing and fund infusion schedule

Action Taken

  • Demonstrated the fitment for the current and future functional beverage offerings
  • Developed an overall growth strategy and a strategic action plan for growth
  • Determined the market positioning and built a ramp up plan aligned with the products in pipeline
  • Developed a discounted cash flow based financial model to determine the estimated Revenues, Costs, EBITDA, IRRs and Valuation of the firm considering future revenue streams
  • Built a scenario-based model and estimated a total future requirement of the financing and fund infusion schedule
  • Estimated the expected returns on the investments and the fund ask
  • Curated the timelines for growth and alignment of the fund utilization for the future work streams
  • Developed revenue and cost streams for future products taking into account the intellectual property strategy of the firm


  • Business valuation and fund ask
  • Growth strategy aligned with the vision and fund requirement
  • Our recommendation enabled the client to assess the business potential and strengthen their market placement by identifying the gaps, funding requirements and designing an agile growth and intellectual property strategy.