Product portfolio optimization of a fintech business in the MENA region

The client, a Jordan based fintech company offering BaaS (Banking as a Service), BaaP (Banking as a Platform), PaaS (Payment as a Service) solutions, was keen on improving its business strategy by optimizing its product portfolio to offer a strong and comprehensive value proposition to its clients

Problem Statement

We were engaged to undertake a comprehensive exercise to optimize the product portfolio and offerings.

The engagement involved:

  • Identifying the right clientele and understanding their needs to establish the correct product-market fit
  • Streamlining operations and cutting nonvalue adding products/activities
  • Cost estimation of product and value addition to client

Action Taken

  • Assessed the customer segments for the products and build up the personas underlying their needs
  • Scoping out the internal problems of customers to hit the market with the right product that adds value
  • Detailed out the roadmap of the customer journey from identifying the problem to implementation of solution by the company
  • Mapped the company against the competition and developed the industry benchmarks through research and mystery shopping to assist in finding out the missing value creating elements for the offerings
  • Defined the cost structure including the impact of each activity in supply chain on the cost and set up the cost targets
  • Discovered the products/activities with high Cost to Value ratio and assessed their importance in the business


  • Our analysis enabled the client to optimize the portfolio and streamlined the customer engagement process
  • The client was able to showcase its value proposition to potential investors in a more comprehensive and elaborate manner