Customer experience framework for a Jordan-based bank

The client, a Jordan-based bank, was looking to develop a framework for the betterment of customer experience.

‌Problem Statement
Customer experience framework as required by the client included:

  • ‌Digital maturity stage of the bank
  • ‌‌‌Customer segmentation
  • Impact of enhanced customer experience

Action Taken

  • ‌Identified the stage-wise digital journey of the bank onto becoming digitally mature
  • Showcased the investments so far in technology and its impact on customer experience
  • Identified and streamlined internal as well as external processes
  • ‌‌Developed internal metrics that can help drive control over customer experience
  • ‌‌Deep dive into customer segments and highlighting variables impacting their experience
  • Structured the process of data collection and analysis for enhancement of experience


  • ‌‌‌Developed digital maturity journey of the bank with the stagewise transformation from manual to fully digital
  • ‌Highlighted KPIs that needs to be tracked and outlined the process of customer experience data analysis