Digital transformation journey for a Jordan-based bank

The client, a Jordan-based bank, was keen on presenting its digital transformation journey to showcase achievements and a way forward.

‌Problem Statement
The client was looking to map its digital journey, which involved the following:

  • ‌‌Bank’s vision in undertaking the digital transformation
  • ‌‌Digital transformation journey
  • ​Key initiatives undertaken and achievements till date
  • Way forward and next steps in the journey

Action Taken

  • ‌Identified the strategic pillars of the client’s digital transformation journey
  • Showcased phase-wise development of digital products by the bank in its offering portfolio
  • Highlighted a suite of applications embedded in the system by the bank to improve the release cycle
  • Developed framework that defines the customer journey to align with the strategic focus of phases
  • Evaluated the impact of transformation process on various parameters identified as KPIs


  • ‌‌Developed documents showcasing digital transformation journey from ground zero
  • ‌‌Showcased roadmap going forward highlighting focused areas and initiatives planned for digital transformation