Global Mobile Banking App Benchmarking for a Jordan based bank

The client, a Jordan-based bank, was keen on launching its mobile application to expand its product offerings.

‌Problem Statement

The client was looking to lay the groundwork before launching its mobile application, which involved:

  • Baseline mobile application from the features perspective​
  • Extract learnings from best-in-class mobile applications in financial services across the world and identify key opportunities for improvement​
  • Score the as-is application​
  • Recommend to-be set of features ​

Action Taken

  • Developed the industry benchmarks, through research, by identifying the offerings of around 30 competitors around the globe
  • Curated a set of seven features across best-in-class Banks’ mobile applications that were used for benchmarking
  • Benchmarked the client’s current offerings across the set of identified features with global standards
  • Identified significant technologies such as AI and IoT that are dominating the global trends in mobile applications for banking services
  • Identified segment of features which need to be embedded in the mobile application to stay ahead of others in the market


  • Developed benchmark summary which aided the client in the process of identifying the mobile application features
  • Suggested critical features along with good to have features to stay competitive in the market