Go-to-Market Strategy for an innovative cook stove product

The client, a global conglomerate operati

ng in the home appliances sector, was looking to launch a new-age cook stove product targeted at bottom of the pyramid in India.

Problem Statement

We were engaged to recommend a go-to-market strategy for their new cook stove product and identification of channel partners for the execution phase which involved:

  • Market assessment of opportunity
  • Recommendation of the go-to-strategy market strategy
  • Explore potential partnerships for execution which align with the client’s requirement

Action Taken

  • Gathered insights by analyzing the market, competitor and policy landscape from secondary market research and previous primary customer surveys
  • Conducted a SWOT analysis of the product and its substitutes
  • Designed the business approach, pricing structure, and sales and distribution strategy
  • Designed the organizational structure to facilitate the product launch and market expansion
  • Designed RFP to scout for market research agencies, facilitated distribution and logistics partnerships and reviewed existing distributor agreements
  • Assisted in pilot launch and establishment of a lean sales team supported by distributor’s organisation


  • Recommended a go-to-market strategy including pricing, distribution strategy, organizational structure and way forward
  • Our recommendation enabled the client to identify potential external partners, evaluate the business model and smoothen the product launch