Operational plan development and business valuation for a rainforest conservation company

The client, a California based rainforest conservation company, aimed to platformize and operationalize their services and enable researchers drive analytical studies to measure factual conservation efforts and their impact.

Problem Statement

We were engaged to  develop a comprehensive financial and operational plan to estimate cost and growth imperatives to build a sustainable business. The scope included:

  • Business and Financial model development including cost and organizational structure design
  • Investment ask
  • Growth strategy design with a supporting fund-raising deck
  • Phasing of the fund requirement and key areas of expenses
  • Addressing other potential operational and strategic concerns that pose a direct challenge to future scale-up
  • Evaluating potential partnerships for scale up

Action Taken

  • Evaluated the market potential and conducted SWOT analysis of the model
  • Evaluated technology interventions and value proposition of client on various customer segments that get serviced through platform
  • Charted out the product journey, marketing and client acquisition strategy
  • Built CAC models across the 3 customer segments i.e. individual researchers, institutions, and conservation study set-ups to develop scale driven unit cost structure
  • Developed financial model with revenue and cost functional drivers/ KPIs
  • Identified the impact of hardware investments on the cash cycle as venture scales
  • Developed a discounted cash flow based financial model to determine the estimated Revenues, Costs, EBITDA, IRRs and Valuation of the firm considering a high-level market sizing to drive realistic market share numbers


  • Operational and Financial Plan for the operationalization of the AI and ML driven platform
  • Our recommendation enabled the client to strategically place themselves before investors and customers alike by identifying the operational challenges and aligning their launch strategy